April Fools jokes to play on your kid in 2020

Because this is a time for fun

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Just because we are living in an unplanned dystopian future that we always assumed would be some other generation’s problem instead of ours doesn’t mean we can’t have a few laughs this April first. Here are some great ideas for pranks to play on your child this April Fools’ Day, even under lockdown:

  • When your children come down in the morning, tell them, “Good news! The pandemic is over!” Then go for a walk and let them see the yellow tape around the playground. Take a photo of their face and show it to them after they’ve stopped crying.

  • Tell your kid that class is back in session today, and then drop them off at school. You’ll have quite a laugh around 5 PM or so when you pick them up.

  • If you have an older child, tell them that their best friend’s mom said they can come over to hang out. Lock the door quietly after they leave.

  • “The CDC said the best way to fight coronavirus is for everyone to go to bed at 3 PM.” You can wait to do the big reveal on this one in May or so.

  • Encourage your child to spend the morning making a TikTok video, then reveal that you never downloaded the app and never will.

  • Tell your family that you fully hate one of them but won’t reveal who. They will spend the day guessing and wondering if this is actually a joke or not.

  • Convince your child you got them a Cameo from one of their favorite athletes or reality stars or whatever they’re into. When they open up the video, it’s just their teacher, again.

  • Hide beets in all your family meals today and casually mention that you heard that purple pee and poop is a symptom of a new, really bad strain of COVID-19.

  • Refuse to open your eyes, speak, or get out of bed all day. They’ll be like “Whaat!?”

  • Announce to your family that you will be getting a puppy if they can behave perfectly the entire day. When they inevitably melt down an hour later you can say “I guess the puppy’s not coming.” Then pretend to get a phone call about a backup puppy that will only arrive if the kids do all the housework without complaining. You can repeat this process until they stop believing you.

  • Say, “Ice cream for dinner!” Then serve everyone another bowl of soup, but covered in whipped cream.

  • Tell your kid that everything is under control and you know everything is going to be all right.

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