Don't raise a literal hole-digger
Subscriber thread: What's the best thing you ate this week?We do so much meal planning; we should do more meal reminiscing. Doesn’t have to be homemade, healthy, or fancy. For me it was this Smitten Kitc…
Always trust witches
I'm so happy to see you and I have to leave now
Announced in Kelsey Grammar's voice
Why did you even have them?
The days are long but they're also 24 hours long
A long winter's nap
So much f*$# love and nowhere to f$*@ put it
I have been thinking about Chrissy Teigen lately. I feel bad for her. Not for her being in cancellation jail, which was warranted, and not for people…
Let's stop saying "May you live in interesting times"
Just feeling bad for pandemic kids basically