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Today’s issue is about what projects or services you’d like to get out in the world and what you’re deriving pleasure from. For the “pleasure” section, I used the links given to me (I.E. there is a lot of Amazon) but these are not affiliates/sponsored. Please do support your indie bookstores!

Witches are hustling:

Chicagoland education advocacy sponsorship opportunity:

We’re looking for support for Raise Your Hand for Illinois during our virtual Raise a Glass 2020 Fundraiser. As a grassroots, citywide parent advocacy organization, over half of our funding comes from individual donors. Additional support allows us to inform parents during this unprecedented time and to organize parents around systemic issues in education (special education, school funding, local school councils). We are looking for advertisements or in kind donations for our auction. Your ad or auction listing will be shown throughout our 11 day fundraiser during our programs, throughout our social media platforms and multiple times on our email newsletter. Your advertisement will reach over 200 total attendees, 6000+ folks on our email listserv, 12,000+ Twitter followers, 5,000+ Facebook followers, and our 8000+ member Facebook group. Auction donations are tax-deductible and funds raised will help us continue to uplift parent voices and leadership throughout Chicago and Illinois. Please review our ad section and in kind donation form - reach out to Jodi at if you have questions. The deadline to submit is October 8th.

Witches are deriving pleasure from:

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“A friend sent me the Glossier birthday balm last year and I love it.”

Vera Neumann on Poshmark. Not to be confused with Vera Bradley!”

“I signed up for a monthly wine club from Somm Select and each time it arrives it makes me happy. Because it's wine. Also because it's always a different theme and array of delicious wines, so I really enjoy drinking them. And- it's a package that arrives JUST FOR ME since my husband stopped drinking.”

“I bought this apron a few weeks ago, and it is bringing me tremendous joy. And this is super dorky, but I get an adrenaline rush from this incredibly basic but delightful Facebook group Deals for Moms please don't kick me out of witches.”

“I make sure to leave my house alone. Once a week, I was walking a nearby forest preserve trail and lately, I just queue up some songs filled with expletives and cruise on my bike at dusk. Since it's gotten colder, I've also taken to hitting golf balls at passing freight trains in my backyard at 1am. I've only hit our fence so no trains were harmed.”

“I also bought an apron I’m obsessed with!”

“My mom got me this cold-brew coffee pitcher for the fridge and I love it so much.”

The best umbrella — doesn't turn inside out in the wind and make you look like an asshole!”

“My gardening clogs, which I can’t stop talking about.”

“I like the idea of camping but not the reality- but I love camping food. I made this yesterday and it was really good!”

This water infuser pitcher is my alternative to seltzer. I like to pick mint out of my mint pots and add it in there, it makes me happy. And you can mix up the fruit and herbs you put in to make each batch taste a little different (I like cucumbers, lemon, lime, mint, strawberries, and parsley if I’m feeling CRAZY).”

“I can't stop buying bras from here. The color combos are amazing and they're comfortable. They ship from England so I don't know when they'll show up and the packaging is lovely. I like to open the box when I'm alone.”

and just a little tune:

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