COVID in the house!

I don't have a clever subhed about COVID in the house

So my husband has a breakthrough case of COVID. He is living in the garage/his office. He does not feel good and looks like sick E.T. in a polo shirt but it’s nothing we can’t handle. I am finding out tomorrow how long my kids have to miss school. The boys (unvaccinated) and I (vaccinated) have no symptoms currently but we’ll be tested in a few days.

I hope you understand but until this is resolved I’m taking the newsletter off my to-do list. Subscriptions are currently paused, which means:

I may throw out a few discussion threads but, until we are all negative and I’m not helping teach first and fourth grade anymore, E.W. is otherwise on medical leave and you won’t be charged.

We are doing fine and are lucky in a bajillion ways that we can ride this out. I hope everyone is healthy in your immediate circle and if your spouse does get COVID, you can send them to the garage and if you get COVID, everyone else goes to the garage.

Thanks for understanding.



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