I know you.

I have a friend who was pregnant the same time as I was, both times. We share a ton about our lives because it’s easy to check in with someone who is going through what you are. Sometimes this type of relationship can get touchy when you realize you’re not exactly the same. But the more experienced I get the better I am at spotting when I am making somebody else’s thing about me-ow.

I would say right now the best part about my mom friend is that her 3 year old is as bad as mine is. They are both very adorable children, cute and clever and affectionate. But they are wearing us out. They get a lot more notes home from school than their older siblings did.

I can’t tell you how glad it makes me that my friend’s 3 year old is a pain in the ass like mine is. Also, her second child is a daughter whereas mine is a son, and I knew this already but it is a reassuring reminder that not all little girls are not always little angels who sit quietly with their hands folded.

Also? I used to maybe secretly judge parents who couldn’t get a grip on their kids. Then came along my 3 year old and I realized either it is either out of my hands what my kid is like, or I am a shit mom because I have a spicy 3 year old. But since I know my friend is an excellent mom, then it must be possible that there is a chance I am not total garbage.

Here’s to those other parents out there who are on your wavelength and more importantly, do not have kids who are angels 100% of the time.