What are some things I can buy that will give me the illusion of preparedness and control this fall?

buy a thing.

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  1. A desk for your child. They will love doing homework at their desk! And they will keep all their desky things there which will leave the rest of your house tidy.

  2. All kinds of art and craft supplies. They will be a fun and fulfilling way to quietly take up a cozy morning.

  3. A whiteboard. Once everyone can see the plan it will be much easier to stick to.

  4. A big supply of child-sized paper masks. If they go back to school the kids will be more likely to keep them on all day and do much more learning that way.

  5. All glass food containers and non-plastic kids’ food servingware. If anything kills you it will NOT be BPAs and phthalates.

  6. A big ball for your kid to sit on while doing schoolwork. They will get out all their energy and focus this way.

  7. An indoor trampoline. Ten minutes on that baby is like an hour on the playground.

  8. A breadmaker! You will save so much time and money and it will be fun figuring out how it works and then finally you can put a bread picture on social media too.

  9. A freelance tutor. You will be able to get so much more done and your kid will be happy, busy and up to speed.

  10. A gun. Periodically checking that you still have it will give you something to do on unquiet nights.

  11. A new car. Maybe your spouse is right. Why not. Sure, what the hell.

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