What is witches?

Evil Witches began as a few private Facebook messages to moms I trusted and liked—basically, people who would say “Oh my god, me too” and commiserate with me, or better yet, one-up me, when I needed to complain about domestic life, which was often. They are women who understand that I love my family and my life but that is attached to everything I say like an invisible asterisk so I can complain about the millions of tiny ways being a wife, a mother, a working woman are a pain without feeling like a jerk for not loving every minute. And with that all worked out we can talk about the things that are really important like which crackers help you poop or how the internet is so dumb or any important thoughts about Trader Joe’s.

Turns out that there are a lot more Witches out there than I first anticipated, so the newsletter is to share witchy conversations, expertise, terribly stupid jokes and experiences among the coven and coven supporters.

A loose description of Witches writ large, so you know what you’re getting into:

  • Mothers of some sort (biological, step, adoptive, etc.)

  • Largely progressive, feminist, provax, while understanding everybody is just doing their best.

  • Really talented/interested in at least one thing outside of parenting (aside from MLM). Make time for that thing (or themselves) without apology.

  • Grouchy, like somebody did not give us all the information about motherhood/womanhood before we got into this but we don’t know who.

But other than that we are all different things: single, divorced, married, gay, working, SAHM, home birthers, bottle feeders, pot smokers, marathon runners, atheists, ministers, book readers, book writers, ravenous eaters, fancy dressers, and so on with concerns big and small, victories massive and tiny.