Happy shows, specifically

I’m stockpiling feelgood TV comedies to dip into over the next week and months ahead, noting their best seasons/episodes. For instance I think “Schitt’s Creek” (on Netflix) starts to find itself in Season 2, because it leans less on Chris Elliott, while Annie Murphy really starts to shine and Catherine O’Hara gets even nuttier. We rewatched “Happy Endings” (on Amazon) last night. Damon Wayans Jr. is such a treasure (in the above clip he’s visiting the dentist, where he is a star patient.) That show is only 3 seasons long so it’s hard to cherry-pick, but you can skip the pilot if you don’t want to waste time.

Hit me with your top reliable rewatchable funny shows, where people can stream/buy them, and where to dive in to get right to the good stuff.