Have yourself a merry little Witchmas

This piece, written by Chicagoland witch Catherine Merritt, was published last year on our old platform, and I’m bringing it over here because it’s not too late to do your own Witchmas before the end of the year if you and your most organized friends hurry!

Ah yes, the holidays. That time when many of us Evil Witches assume the role and responsibility of -- (deep inhale):

  • holiday cards

    • maybe this means a photoshoot. Then:

    • picking photos

    • paying the photographer

    • dealing with the 18 million holiday card platforms

    • selecting the right card and photos 

    • going through various excel spreadsheets and organizing addresses

    • buying stamps

      • Going to the post office and all that entails

    • mailing the cards

  • coordinating holiday "fun" like parties, outings, hosting friends and family

  • handling travel logistics to see family

  • Buying gifts for everyone (kids, spouse, siblings, nieces and nephews, work people, dog walker, mail delivery person, teachers, etc.)

...often doing so with a fairly low expectation that we'll get something we love in our stocking.

But this year, all that all changes. Here's how:

Set up your very own Secret Witchmas Gift Exchange.

A bunch of Evil Witch friends of mine did this last year and it brought new life and excitement to the holidays I've not felt for a long time.

It's essentially setting up a Secret Santa with a group of friends (and they don't need to be great, close friends, but like-minded friends is a must). This means your chances of getting a gift you love and appreciate goes up tremendously. Follow these simple steps to make it happen. You'll be happy you did.

1: Set up a gift exchange through a site like DrawNames.com or Elftser.com and ask your Witchmas friends to input their addresses on a shared sheet.

2: Send the link to your friends and give deadlines for both the name-pick and the deadline to send gifts.

3: Once names are picked, the site will notify everyone and then it's off to find the perfect gift for your own Evil Witches.

4: Get shopping. Here are some great gift ideas for Evil Witches:

Teacup set for fancy witches

Earrings for dissenting witches

Candles for hygge witches

Face masks for youthful witches

Wine for all witches

Step 5: When the gift arrives, don't wait for an audience: open it and enjoy it and then post it so your fellow Evil Witches can see what real joy during the holidays looks like.

Step 6: No thank you cards.

End credits

I hope you enjoyed this issue of Evil Witches, a newsletter for evil witches. Please pass it along if you know someone who'd like this sort of thing sent their way a few times a week.

One witchy thing


—My cousin’s response at her son’s birthday celebration, when a child guest asked her what the theme of the party was.