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I've got to pick up this book - is there a whole chapter devoted to Cup of Jo??

Also I think Deuce = Dooce and I wasn't sure if you did that on purpose or not!

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Thanks to Kelly Noack for sending in some recommendations of her fav mom influencers that step out of the cis/white/thin/blonde/hetero/neurotypical algorithm:

LaTonya Yvette "her writing is delicious, fashion is a nice mix of thrifted and woman ethical designers, parenting and self care reflections feel real and accessible not aspirational:


Alexandra Elle "brilliant writer, self made career path, authentic about the lows, her Instagram has 1.2 million followers!!!"


Jen White-Johnson "mom to neurodivergent child, artist, community creator"


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One of the GREAT sub-heads in the history of publishing, Claire!

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