Movember for ~*her*~

Every villain needs something to twirl

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I posited this question myself to some of my most honest friends, as I can never tell if I have really noticeable facial hair or if I just start to fixate when I’m in bad light:

Trying to decide if this is the age I start waxing my mustache or if this is the age where I'm like "You know what, I have a mustache and if you don't like it don't look at it."

Witches did not disappoint —

“Only for witches would I type the words ‘I shave my mustache.’ But I do and have for decades, after some ill-advised adventures with Nair as a young teenager. I have dark hair and a lot of it—it got noticed in third grade, so. Shaving is lovely and easy and low stress. Two or three quick swipes every few days and done! I do it after I wash my face and then moisturize. I still remember what a revelation it was when I started! Of course, it does grow back stubbly, like leg hair. So you have to keep it up. But it's so easy that that's never bothered me. Enjoy! I use a regular Venus razor.”

“I use my husband's razor. One or two swipes and I'm good.”

“I have done this since I was 13. No regrets. If I didn’t shave I would win Movember. Or at least come in a solid second. No exaggeration.”

“My pretty neighbor who is up on all the cosmetic procedures swears by shaving her face for the hair and better skin. I got some Tinkle razors and use it on my chin and face to get any peach fuzz. Still wax my lip occasionally but I'm just afraid of getting a 5 o’ clock shadow (even though my hair is fine and pretty light).”

“I wax mine on the reg, but only on the sides so I end up with a sweet little Charlie Chaplin number.”

”I keep an emergency set of tweezers in my purse in case I notice a facial hair that needs to go, otherwise I'm certain everyone is staring directly at it and nothing else. If your waxer never noticed your ‘stache then you're good, but I feel like its not that big of a deal to have a little medium or dark peach fuzz over the prickly grow backs. However, in my family, the women all have side burns so maybe I'm a bad judge?”

“I'm lucky I'm blonde because my arm hair is like a gorilla. So far no substantial mustache to deal with, but I plucked a TWO INCH hair out of the side of my boob the other day. Not the nipple, the regular old skin on the side of my boob. Explain that one.”

“That in-between also HURTS. I always remember mine when I'm out at like a wedding and then I can't stop touching it. ‘Look at Maureen! She's so moved by this maid-of-honor speech.’ Meanwhile the internal monologue is like ‘Which one of these hairy bitches looks like she carries a tweezer in her party clutch?’”

“Sometimes I can yank my chin hairs with my own bare hands. And I will never know a more satisfying justice.”

“I have SERIOUS chin hair and I finally committed to getting it all waxed right before vacation and you do not know the pain of walking around, knowing you have a full-on goatee, and not be able to pluck nary a hair of it. I’ve given up and I’m now lasering the fuckers all off.”

“Many times, I've blurted ‘I'm going to the salon tomorrow!!!’ as a way of greeting friends.”

“I will literally lacerate my chin just to get the hair out.”

“I pulled out a chin hair that CAME OUT OF NOWHERE and was a hundred feet long and took a picture of it next to a dime for size comparison, and this is not the first time.”

“I have a hair in the middle of my right cheek that takes over my whole mind”

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