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Health insurance nightmares... hoo boy. I got hit by a "large commercial vehicle" two years ago. Reasons given to deny me treatment for my injuries have included:

1. Nobody likes me (yes, a doctor actually said those words);

2. I am allegedly underemployed and therefore do not contribute to society (as a tech consultant, I'm technically a "temp" but... I'd worked 55 hours that week by noon on Friday);

3. The other driver is a nice guy (so nice he put me in the ER twice, I'm feeling the love!);

4. The other driver's minister or pastor or whatever the heck Christians call it ordered me to forgive him instead of getting medical treatment for my injuries.

5. My husband hasn't attended 90% of my medical appointments with me, so he must not support or love me. (Is he maybe... IDK... working to keep the job that provides us this insurance and taking care of our two small kids?)

6. If I were a "strong woman" (and didn't I go to Georgetown, why aren't I smart seconds after a traumatic brain injury?) I could just suck it up;

7. "Me Too has gone too far and is destroying America" which totally relates directly to nerve damage in my arm. And dude, if you find anything sexual about car crashes, use your own health insurance to invest in a therapist.

8. Wanting to regain full use of my right arm (I am right handed) is "a choice" and "not medically necessary". Also, the pain would go away/feeling would return if I were "nicer". Have I watched A Christmas Carol and taken Ebeneezer Scrooge's transformation to heart?

9. "Getting massages" does the exact same thing as spinal surgery.

I could go on.

Let's not even get me started on what people in my professional network had to say about my taking time off work.

I get that health insurance is about money, but the intimidation and harassment have crossed the line into abusive and disgusting.

And of course, people have the nerve to tell me I have a bad attitude about the situation.

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