Open thread: Abortion laws and our kids.

From an email exchange with a Texas witch:

I spent some time commiserating with some other moms of uterus-having tweens and there’s a "here’s what to do if you’re fertile and having sex" list going around. Things like "get on long-term birth control ASAP, buy condoms, pregnancy tests + Plan B in bulk, take pregnancy tests regularly if you’re out there sexing, ask your doctor for a prescription for mifestpritone etc now just in case, stuff like that. 

Questions we were asking but need answers for  - if my daughter hasn’t started her period yet, and shows no romantic interest in boys, am I safe from these decisions? If she has started her period but shows no interest in sex, how early is too early to get birth control? Also, I guess we have to start saving for out-of-state tuition bc why the hell would I send her to college here? I mean, I got out of college without an abortion but not without helping a friend through one. 

Please share here any resources you have been gathering for your daughters, discussions you are having with your sons, and/or questions and concerns you have in mind lately in light of Texas’ near-abortion ban.