Open thread: One product that works

Star Trek Eyelashes GIF

This spring, when I noticed that a friend was suddenly sporting the same long, dark, curly eyelashes as her son (boys always have the prettiest lashes) she swore it was due to this eyelash serum from Sephora [Grande Cosmetics GrandeLASH™ - MD Lash Enhancing Serum, if the link doesn’t work for you.] I’m not a product junkie but I decided to give it a try as a pandemic boredom experiment. Lo and behold, months later, friends stop me mid-sentence to comment on how long my lashes are, or to ask me if I’m wearing fake ones, or if I’m using Latisse.

Now, do your own research—I would skip the serum if you have sensitive skin or eye issues—but for me, it’s one of those rare products that made me think with satisfaction, “Well that worked exactly as well as I hoped it would!” And you know how unusual that feeling can be.

What is one product of late—beauty, kitchen, household, personal, etc., at any price point—that so efficiently and thoroughly does what you want that you want to tell the world about it?

This issue is not sponsored and I’m not sure why I chose to write that in italics. Try new products at your own risk. And also my kid took the photo below, which is…not touched up. Here I quickly curled my lashes and applied one coat of mascara.