Paid subscriber thread: Mando night for MomI don’t f with anything related to Star Wars. Luckily, the people in my family accept that I am not going to partake in this franchise even if e…
A no-win situation
Open thread: Choosing battlesI occasionally get enraged over how much stuff my kids have. I get mad at them, myself, their grandparents, and capitalism. The thing my kids ha…
Except when there is a sick day or a bad weather day, but even then...
Raising kids and doing untraditional/non monogamy
Paid subscriber thread: Recent food winsStraightforward childrearing question today from a reader! Could you do one on food? What people are packing for school snacks, what are dinners…

February 2023

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Talking with Julie Vick about being a funny mom when mothering isn't that funny
Everything's perfectly normal unless you checked any of these boxes
Open thread: Who was your first witch?I’m going to call an audible on a full issue this week since we have no school today or Monday, one kid’s teacher just left for maternity leave,…
Paid subscriber thread: What do you tell your kids?I was at a coffee shop last week when a friend walked in and introduced me to her companion, a mom who lives in my neighborhood. I learned that …