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Do interior designers know what homes are for?

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Seasons readings! A witch list. #puns

You advised, I listened! Witches' advice on international family travel

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Will my son learn how to use a knife and fork or tie his shoes well by the time I die?

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A fundraising idea: paying to not.

Midlife crisis, or midlife?

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Some American garbage

These are things your fellow witches do and sell!

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Open thread: What cool slang are the kids using?

Modeling healthy eating habits and body attitudes when you used to emphatically not

Alyce Chan makes being a mom seem like one big joke

The rage on backorder is being delivered NOW

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Good news for people who like trying new things and have a young kid with ADHD

Tradwife but just for the week?

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The joy of sucking at something and it...not mattering

Open thread: What's something that made your summer better?

Not All Teens!!!!!!!

So We Got an Autism Diagnosis…Now What?

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She will eat right in your face

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Inexpensive meals and a break

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Summer reading for kids, but make it cute

Shut up and let me work/live

A very relatable mom

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When the research is rude, with Cara Goodwin

Katherine Goldstein on how to make friends as an adult

Mom's stories: take them or leave them.

A Trader Joe's issue

Second time around

Low-key humble braggy question on R/parenting

Open thread: What hill are you dying on?

F*ther's D*y

hugs *and* drugs

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Beating summertime sadness with a badminton racquet

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I feel bad about my induction

Witchy books shout out

Looking good: Self-care or other-care? Pain or pleasure?

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Happy Mother's Day to you all

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See you on the other side

Paid subscriber thread: When your kid is the only one who can't have fun

There are 2 weeks until American Mother's Day

Going on a trip while the kids are at grandma's

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I'm not a mom of boys, but I play one on TV.

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Choose your own adventure, Sunday edition

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Just journal your pain away

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"My little kid got suspended?"

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When it takes more than 2

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Why you should never hire a professional organizer

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So you got jokes

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Open thread: Who was your first witch?

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~*Open wide*~

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The definitive guide to raising preteen girls without letting them get to you

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Witches at Hollywood awards ceremonies

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Ditching the zero('s last name)

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You deserve to feel fine about your pelvic floor

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