Sitemap - 2019 - Evil Witches Newsletter

The things they made

The labor of emotional labor class

The 12 days of Christmas parties with a toddler

A good old fashioned television future

A summoning of spells this solstice(ish)


Witchiness is next to godliness

Firstborn kid vs. secondborn kid


Faking it is making it

On the "do not buy" list

Piles of smiles

Have yourself a merry little Witchmas

Movember for ~*her*~

Areas of lowered expectations

Witches for Witches

Thanksgiving fights

A medieval Thanksgiving

Going for the three-peat?

Parenting paradoxes

I could say day and you'd say night

Raising kids while sober

Introducing: Beer for women!

Date night fights

The long straight blonde fantasy


The new home ec

8 witchy things for Halloween

Ghosting stories


Don't let the bastards grind you down

Flashback to our first issue

Some health insurance nightmares

A word from • Two witches who gave birth before getting to the hospital

If you think something's wrong, don't let your family tell you it isn't

Can I have some time alone?

A talent competition

Happy 11th anniversary

When you're a totally supportive nice person but you don't want to support Laura's pyramid scheme

A piercing warning from the future

Don't make kids feel bad for growing up

Do you have lurking newsletters?

A word with: Some witchy adoptive moms

The “Not That Bad” checklist.

Let's do shots

Running from my problems

Don't yuck my yum, or make me riff on a recipe

Oh, you let your kids watch 'Sesame Street' while you cook dinner? Okay...

Fall 2019 Old Navy fashion round up

September issue: Fall 2019 lingerie report

120 ways to please your husband

We suck at sleep

Filthy mouthed wife

A survival kit for the flupocalypse

Is your child a first day of school flop?

Sweet injured man seeks non-bitch wife

My favorite hormonal cry

"Your husband will be no help to you."

The worst daddy in the world

Bad summer habits for bad little kids

Witches on vacation

Did you know these things were optional?

I would do anything for love, except the following things

Don't mess with the bull; you'll get the horns

How angry is your uterus?

Would you do it again?

The excitement of travel sans kids

A "Social Q's" rebuttal

Summer fantasies

All the rage


Sick like a boss

Not as easy as it looks

Four Mothers Day epiphanies

Drinking and dadding

Wild fantasies of middle aged moms

Ask the Witches • Butthurt

Y R Spouses • Stay strong

A Word With • Teacher Moms

E.W. #13: Theranos, but for breast milk?

One witchy Easter thing

Evil Witches #12: Why is everything so dumb

I know you.

Your angry dinners

Stay strong

What is witches?

You have permission to...

The Legend of Pregnancy Horror Finger

Where can you find the first 11 issues of E.W. in their entirety?