Sitemap - 2020 - Evil Witches Newsletter

The juicy pod story that never came

From "never again" to "Oh, all right"

Not-so-nice thread

Nice thread

You are cordially invited to a witchy 2021 Georgia Dance Party Workout

A review of everything Instagram told me to buy that I bought in 2020

A look back at the 2020 beauty and style trends at my house

Subscribers thread: "Boys are like puppies"

Thank you and I'm sorry and I love you and take everything

A tale of 3 hysterectomies

Subscribers thread: The one workout you don't mind doing

How to get out of looking at your kid's Minecraft screen

Unschooling is harder in the pandemic, too

Soft bras and sleeping bras

The holidays, maybe

Checking in with 3 teacher moms in my home town

Come one, come all

E-learning teachers-parents with IRL kids also e-learning

Little Friday bonus

Pandemic elearning kids gonna pandemic elearning kid

One day of happiness, as a treat

How's your head?

What are you going to tell the kids today?

Happy shows, specifically

Opinions are like @$$h0le$


A quiet night with not much going on

No more Mrs. Nice Guy

The elephant in the room

Teachers pets?

A year off from everything

Maidens and their names

At first I didn't like being a stay at home mom under duress but now I love it!

Business and pleasure

I'm gonna use mediocre olive oil, Ina.

Expanding the witches network

Fix up your place before you burn it down

In these trying times, just a thread about chili

High hopes for this pandemic

Get the chunks out

Baskets baskets everywhere baskets

Yes, more tears

*Reminder to cook for the family again*

I'm setting the timer for five minutes

Talking to kids about death

I still remember


What are some things I can buy that will give me the illusion of preparedness and control this fall?

Spells for this country: your action requested

A chat with a 1st grade teacher who is not teaching this year

You're going to learn today

6 books to ditch your phone for this summer (or: in praise of ignoring your kids)

Telling your kid his medical origin story

The golden age of guilt-free screen time

Brace yourselves

Professional help

Where does the time go?

Unscrew this

Next pandemic I will....

A little ditty about boys and beauty standards

Busiest pandemic ever

Peppa Pig's Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig have the huge, knock-down-drag-out fight that they've been repressing for six seasons

What's this place

Chipwrecked: The virtual science fair

Brave and strong

Pandemic haikus

Thanks for worrying

Creativity in the time of COVID

The big split

Quiz: What's wrong with my kid?

I guess I'm just a bad boy

For Mothers Day let's have no Mothers Day

"Who am I mad at right this minute?"

Still all the rage, now more than ever

Emotionally attuned angel vs. carefree self-involved turd


Sorry, God

The insanely terrifying Easter Bunny

Sheltering in Place—Teen Edition

You again

April Fools jokes to play on your kid in 2020

State of the lockdown

The people in the Sundance catalog don’t know yet

Well, here we are

Worst substitute teacher ever

Dispatches from a witch in Italy

St. Patrick's Day = Xmas + Halloween?

Babymouth: a real health concern

An Open Letter to the Kingpin of Every Infectious Disease, Chuck E. Cheese

How are we getting ready for parenting and social distancing during a pandemic?

Tips on a good postpartum sex life

ABTAD (Always Be Thinking About Death)

Head count

Chain of fools

Snuggling from 10:00-10:02 PM

A really dumb decision

Big feelings vs. being a weepy b.

Healthy recipe ideas!

Summer cramps

The man with my son's name

Witches changing mid-stream

Time is on my side

Teaching tampons

Please help me cook less!

The art of not making a good thing better

You time

Witches be shopping online

The fine art of hiding from your family

Hangovers + kids = please bring death's sweet release