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I'll be quiet; you be peace

Open thread: DIY trads

Subscriber thread: But you love this

One kid is in diapers and the other is in college

Sh|t or get off the potty

Open thread: One product that works

Subscriber thread: Thanksgiving hotline

How bad are the pandemic puppies?

When the call is coming from inside the school

Not the holidays!!??!

One is the Onliest Number

Open thread: A question for the ages

The best part of the day?

Subscriber thread: Hereditary fears

Diamonds for men who hate women

Puberty comin'

Subscriber thread: Ink.

Threevil Witches

One of the worst parts of being an adult

Official baby approval

You, your kid, and a surgeon

Open thread: Post-shitstorm

A different kind of divorce

Fast fundraiser for Virginia

Open thread: Turdle time

COVID in the house!

Subscriber thread: Brides be cray

Ditch your family and enjoy Disney alone

Open thread: Abortion laws and our kids.

Mommy dearest

When bad tantrums happen to pretty good moms

Subscribers thread: Reclaimed time

Momfluencing, with Sara Petersen

Haha, oops

Pardon my tree

Parent surveys for the 2021 school year

Laundry in another state

Open thread: Will we ever play Quirkle?

The best babysitters' club

Subscriber thread: Another year of us.

A heart full of sand

A word with: Lauren Haldeman

Subscriber thread: You little so-and-so

Witches helping witches thread: vacay with inlaws?

Moms? Online?!?!

Pondering if sleep training is bad: Is it bad?

What are you not doing?

How to socialize with other humans

Make money and be treated like a human?

Open thread -"Why is that even fun?"

I'll never be that person again-again

Witches' blood 🩸

My kid sucks at masks

The last days of pre-porn

I'm not the new me

Let's never do that again


Human after all

Strangers in the night

Things you can try to do to so your kid's not a dick about other people's weight

Laughing behind your hand

He didn't deserve you

If you can get a dad to read a parenting book, try this one

"Ma'am, this is a Wendy's"

I am not going to throw away my shot

The wrong number

The 4 stages of receiving a Summersalt catalog

What was *that*?

Mom was right, unfortunately

"You look tired"

In praise of affordable schools and failure

🎵 Practical gifts 🎶

🌺Have a happy Mother's Day🌸

An Asian American woman tells you how she is

Forgiven, not forgotten. (Maybe not forgiven.)

A witchiversary

Turns out there is crying in baseball

Virgins (maybe) who can't drive

I think I can feel it

Money making money money making


No thanks, I got this

Where's your preschooler going to college?

On top of everything else, are you reading enough?

Get your rocks off

The Delia*s Woman

If I worry about it now, it won't happen then

The issue with best friends

And a hearty f-you to you, ma'am

The wrong tree

My post-COVID schedule

Working at home, homing at work

That one thing

Your dream summer camp!

Same thing, different reason

sorry for how I was

Giving kids more e-freedom

Tiny vacations

That poor son of a bitch

What is your favorite storebought cookie?

Little tiny stupid ways to make your life better

Things I keep thinking I should be good at naturally but am not

Good things for grandparents to say

Needles. Needles in the front of my face

Our appliance boyfriends (and girlfriends)

The golden age of showers?


mood enhancers, dude

Parents as our own children's therapists

Put on your oxygen mask first

Some things we hope stay

Anything going on this week?

Listen to witches

The worst dates for a baby to be born

Pat yourself on the back

Parents who still love each other

What to name your baby now that you can't name your baby Baby